21 February 2013

Out of My Shoebox #2: Landscape Studies


I have completed a new photographic portfolio that you might like, Landscape Studies, PDF format, 298 MB, optimized for all displays, including large format displays up to 30" and Apple Retina displays.

From the Introduction:

There is in the back of my basement a shoebox (well, not exactly a shoebox,
but it looks like one); this box is made from archival preservation materials and
designed to hold 4x5 inch negatives and transparencies. Perhaps as many as
three hundred Ektachrome transparencies have resided there for thirty years
almost untouched. A few have been printed by commercial laboratories, and
ten scanned, poorly, unfortunately, by a commercial laboratory in the early
days of digital photography, but the bulk have waited for the arrival of
affordable large format scanners. Now that such scanners are available, the
shoebox has been opened, the transparencies sorted, and about one
hundred selected for publication. The first twenty-eight images appeared in
the View from Bridgeport portfolio in the autumn of 2012. This current
portfolio contains the next forty-seven, gathered somewhat haphazardly
around landscape themes.