10 November 2012

Two New Portfolios

The first,

The View from Bridgeport

contains 28 4x5 Ektachrome images captured in Bridgeport, California in 1982. They have remained in a (pH neutral) shoe box for thirty years, unseen. With large format digital scanners having become affordable I brought the transparencies out into the world for the first time. In PDF format, the portfolio is 175.8 MB, optimized for all computer displays including large format displays (up to 30”) and Apple Retina displays.

The second,

Places Without Postcards

contains the European photographs that were posted on my web site in July 2012, now collected in one place for more convenient viewing. Also in PDF format, this portfolio is 132.8 MB.

For completeness, I mention two earlier portfolios,

In The Land of Nod


Looking Back

In The Land of Nod has been re-rendered into a PDF file, 328 MB, also optimized for computer displays large and small. Looking Back is 24.3 MB. If you have not seen these portfolios, you might want to download them now.